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Corporate Risk

Due diligence, risk intelligence and bespoke solutions

Corporate Risk

Netwatch specialise in devising bespoke corporate risk solutions with a strong focus on social media investigation. We always aim to provide actionable intelligence; gaining the accurate information our clients need as quickly as possible.

If you are facing a complex or dangerous risk it may be that social media can be utilised to gain a clearer picture of the situation, accurately assess possible risk, or simply gather intelligence. We talk to our clients about the issues they’re facing and what our capabilities are to devise the right solution and conduct an honest assessment of the problem before undertaking any work.

Netwatch offers a manned intelligence service with our expert analysts working on each case. This avoids our clients having to purchase expensive software which pulls in data and requires their own staff to review it. In using analysts instead of software we can flex our methods very quickly to reflect changes in legislation, or to benefit from new data sources – crucial in the ever evolving online world.

We act for a number of large FMCG companies in a number of capacities often devising strategies and solutions to provide indicators and evidence of specific insider threat or to assist anti-illicit trade operations. In addition to this, we have also helped to provide actionable intelligence ahead of planned protests at our client’s premises, and frequently conduct open source research in relation to a vast array of problem issues.

Netwatch are also able to provide assistance on a smaller scale and in recent cases have been able to prove that employees were stealing company property, and have even provided social media evidence that has led to convictions. We are also able to provide social media vetting as part of your recruitment process. A thorough vetting of new staff can often prevent embarrassment further down the line, with Netwatch uncovering candidates who have posted abusive material to social networks that could damage the reputation of the hiring company.

To speak to Netwatch about our capabilities simply complete our online enquiry form for a call back, or pick up the phone to speak to one of our investigation managers. All enquiries will be dealt with confidentially and quickly.

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