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Tools Overview

Open source intelligence tools for investigators and professionals


When we launched Netwatch in 2013 we created a number of software tools, particularly focused on location based social media investigation, to be used in house by our analysts and to ensure that our open source investigation capabilities were second to none. We have continued to develop new tools to aid our investigations and in January 2016 began offering the use of some of these tools to our clients.

A number of Netwatch tools are now available to trial for those working in an intelligence or law enforcement role. These tools will add to the capabilities of your intelligence team and the quality of information they are able to gather – many of the tools are designed to assist or make social media investigation easier, and all rely on open source data.

Netwatch are committed to innovation, and in February 2016 were shortlisted for the LV= Claims Supplier Innovation award. We continue to develop and add to our software tools with the goal of adding new tools to the online suite every quarter.

The Netwatch tool suite is currently being utilised by fraud investigation teams across the UK, major brands facing complex illicit trade issues, areas of law enforcement, and our own expert team of open source investigators and intelligence analysts. Our extensive range of open source investigation tools provide a range of solutions including the means to gain more information from social media investigation, track movements across borders, map links between individuals and much more.

Not only can you sign up and trial some of our software tools today but we are also working alongside our current clients to ensure that the next set of tools in development tackles the problems they are facing. Request trial access today in the tools section of our website and see how our web tools can assist you.

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